George's Story

George had been studying art, a keen and passionate artist but through various circumstances had found themselves in a sudden position of homelessness and was moved into the Falcon centre. George struggled with mental health issues, anxiety, self-harm, insomnia and low mood.

George let us know that they identified as non-binary. They had lost confidence due to suffering discriminatory abuse and had been attacked by a group in the street. George spent a lot of time in their room, felt unmotivated and slept mostly in the day. We helped them motivate themselves to set tasks and goals. George took things step by step, going out for coffee and experimenting with what they wanted to wear.

George’s confidence grew, and they felt well supported and accepted at the falcon centre feeling more and more confident each day. George saw the Falcon centre as a steppingstone to help them move forward with their lives and took up all the support on offer to them.

George was then offered accommodation in our supported apartments with another resident and more recently George has moved into their own flat and is delighted! They are also embarking on several artistic projects such as creating dramatic pieces, sculptures, and drawing.

George is a big advocate for LGBT2+, promoting rights, acceptance and speaking out to make positive changes. They are excited to be settling into their own flat and thinking about careers, travelling and all the other possibilities of their future.

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