Jamie's Story

Jamie is one of our younger residents and first came to our Rapid Rehouse project. Jamie had found himself homeless due to declining mental health, which had cost him his job, his savings and a breakdown in family relations. He felt extremely alone and was plagued by suicidal thoughts each day. Our emotional and wellbeing worker started supporting Jamie so he had someone to talk to.

“I just feel I have nothing to live for. But I do just want to get better and stop feeling like this.”

After this, we moved Jamie into our 18–25 year old project. He felt more relaxed and started to feel at home. He engaged well with us and other residents and loved the cooking nights. The next step was to work with mental health services in getting the correct support and diagnosis for Jamie.

Over the next few months, we noticed Jamie’s confidence grow, he started to enjoy things in life again, he learnt tools to help with his negative thoughts and started having positive family relations again. Jamie completed several distance learning courses and is looking forward to getting a job again. He feels hopeful and has things to look forward to.

“I want to have my own place and get a job. Maybe one day I’d love a dog. I can see a future now and I’m looking forward to it.”

Jamie is now in one of our semi-supported flats, where he can live independently but has continued support from us. He loves his flat and wants to work within the mental health sector, helping others by using his own experiences.

Over 8 months, Jamie has changed a lot from where he was thanks to the support from Falcon Support services and his own hard work.

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