Lydia's Story

“I just want a normal life, being a normal person, going to work, coming home, cooking dinner, watching TV, chatting, laughing”

Lydia moved to Falcon Support Services for her safety with assistance from the police. She had escaped an extremely violent and abusive relationship, was forced into prostitution, gang affiliation, and was addicted to heroin and crack.
Her youth had also been traumatic, suffering abuse from her parents and being put into care. Lydia has a child of her own who was removed from her care and given to her mother to raise.

Falcon Support Services have helped support and empower her to take back control of her life. In just four months, she achieved so much. She engaged with Substance Misuse Services, our Emotional and Wellbeing Coach, her Support Worker, and our Sports Coach. Boxing and arts raised her confidence and self-esteem and helped her with her PTSD, flashbacks and nightmares. Positively embracing the recovery journey, Lydia moved on to one of our semi-independent projects and then onto her own permanent housing.

Lydia was overwhelmed by the support given to her, and one day she hopes she will be able to see her daughter again and wishes to be the best version of herself when this happens. Her goal is to be a peer mentor and assist other women in similar situations. She believes she has survived her ordeals for a reason, and that is to help others.

“I can tell you care and that makes it so different for me”

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